Architectural and Landscape Lighting Design 


"Light is the most powerful element.. It determines what we see and has an enormous effect on our mood and behavior. It is the thinnest magic wand, the most delicate and elegant toy with which we can play."

- Michael John Smith

MJS Lighting Consultants was founded in 1982. We provide assistance in all aspects of lighting design, including architectural interior, exterior, landscape, roadway, and industrial illumination. Services include: consultation, design of custom luminaries and architectural details, specification writing, digital visualization, and final adjustment.

A true pioneer, Michael John Smith, principal, established the first independent architectural lighting practice in Houston, Texas. He is a registered architect in the State of Texas, a fellow of the American Institute of Architects, and a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society.

By sharing his interest in light and its effect on people, space, and form, he developed a specialty design office to assist other design professionals in the application of good lighting practice in their work. MJS Lighting Consultants has consulted on over 750 projects in the United States, Mexico, Europe and the Middle East. Our work has been published in Architectural Lighting, Lighting Design + Application, Texas Architect, and Architectural Record.